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Cartoonist is the open source project created to power The goal is an easy to use comic CMS (Content Management System) that is extremely efficient, so it can withstand maximum traffic on virtual machine hosting sites. It is broken into subprojects that can be added or removed depending on if the functionality is wanted.


  • Cartoonist: A project to hold all the tests and play with the various gems.
  • Comics: Plugin to add the standard comics functionality.
  • Blog: Plugin to add a simple blog.
  • Pages: Plugin to add static pages.
  • Default Cartoonist Theme: Default theme out of the box with a new Cartoonist install.
  • Announcements: Plugin to add announcements which can be scheduled to display for a certain amount of time. They are AJAXed in so the pages are not cached with the announcements, and the announcements themselves are cached as well so they load fast.
  • Twitter: Plugin to support automated tweets of cartoonist entities (such as comics, blog posts and static pages).