Ruminations of a child-free couple living in a child-full world

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Reason Number is a webcomic featuring situations with kids that we have observed, heard about, or imagined which we found funny and entertaining.


New comics are posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



It all started from an inside joke. We are a couple who is child-free and is planning to remain that way. Whenever we would encounter kids (as cute, lovely, and entertaining as they are) being obnoxious or a nuisance to those around them, we would say to each other "Reason Number..." to reaffirm our choice to stay out of the proverbial genetic pool. This in no way makes us kid-haters, we just want to leave parenthood to those who are brave enough to tackle the daily trials of raising children. Then, xkcd had the comic titled Cougars. It describes "Reason 56" why he should never have children. It spawned the idea that we should turn our running joke into a comic of our own. Thus was born!

Everything is done by Christine and Mike Virata-Stone. We come up with the ideas for each comic together. Mike does the website development and deals with hosting it.