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Webcomic Utilities

About these feeds

I created some RSS feeds to make it a bit easier to follow my 3 favorite webcomics. Enjoy.

This XKCD feed provides a mobile friendly rss feed for the comic. It features a feed image, the title of the comic, the comic itself, and the alt text displayed styled like a tooltip popup.

Penny Arcade
This Penny Arcade feed fixes some bugs in my favorite feed reader, Doggcatcher. In particular, the URLs provided by the official Penny Arcade feed have surrounding white space, which breaks them in Doggcatcher. I also fixed the format of the dates to be proper RSS formatted dates (so Doggcatcher reads them properly). Finally, I added a feed image.

The Trenches
This Trenches feed fixes the same issues as I fixed in the Penny Arcade feed.
This is the normal feed that you can find linked on every comic page. It features embedded html with the last 10 comics.
Similar to the XKCD mobile feed, this is a mobile friendly version of the RSS feed.